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The Sky Below will feature a slightly different art style with a few new tricks which will really add to the atmosphere of the game.


Last week, we shared some exciting news. First, we announced the sequel to The Sun At Night, The Sky Below. Second, we announced a brand-new multiplayer game, Murder at Mystery Manor (M@MM). Today, I’m going to share with you some details of that game, its inception, and its current state in development.


Yesterday we talked about the new game in The Stray series, The Sky Below. We’ve spent years working on this 2D platformer/action series. It’s very close to our hearts. We’re a genre-agnostic studio, though. Our passion for very crafted, narrative-rich experiences has evolved more into a world-building passion. Wanting to break from the status quo at Minicore, we’re working on a new game that expands our portfolio in a really interesting and...


The Sun at Night is hardly in our rear view mirror -- we’re going to be patching and supporting and porting the game for months to come. However, it’s time to start talking about what else we’re working on.

We’ve got a super secret project we’ll discuss tomorrow, but in the meantime, we want to raise the curtain on the second part of The Stray series called The Sky Below.

The Sky Below will start where The Sun at Night left off --...


The Sun at Night is almost two months old. Like any two-month old, we’re still caring for it like the infant it is. We’ve got a patch going out to existing distribution platforms like our website, the Humble Store, and Gamers Gate. We’re...

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We’ve been a little quiet lately, which we intend to change in spectacular fashion starting this week.

Earlier in March we had the annual pleasure of exhibiting at SXSW Gaming. That event just keeps getting bigger and better each year. This SXSW came with the added treat of presenting a panel (debate? rambling conversation? long running poop joke?) with...


Greetings, Cosmodogs!

This Friday, March 7, our own Jordan Mallory will man the helm of Minicore Studios' first-ever marathon livestream event: “24 Hours of Death!!” As the name implies, Jordan will spend a solid 24 hours playing Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition live on the official Minicore Twitch channel, breaking only to use the...


Happy Valentine's Day, Cosmodogs!

It’s been a little over a week since The Sun at Night launched on the Humble Store and GamersGate, but it feels like a lifetime. We’ve devoted our lives to this little dog for so long now, releasing her out into the world has been an emotional, transformative experience. We can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for...


In the beginning, there were really just two of us. Peter and I stood in the kitchen of an apartment I was paying way too much for and we decided what the little games company I incorporated three years ago today should make.

We knew we wanted to be genre agnostic. We knew we wanted something different. We knew about the endless ocean of design ideas we batted around at 3:12am in dorm rooms years before.

So, the concept for The...