Tanks for the Memories

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Everybody's scared of something. Even you. Fortunately, science is here to help! (Proven fact: only babies are scared of science.) A leading psychologist went into his laboratory and came out with a solution. Tanks!

Yep. Tanks. The gentleman in question will use tanks to go inside your mind, to find the fears embedded in your memories, and just shoot the heck out of them. Afraid of bugs? He'll find the bugs inside your mind and shoot them. Afraid of clowns? Same deal. Afraid of something that you think can't be shot? He'll find a way to shoot it.

Historians of the future, in their spacesuits, will look back on this day as they day we humans realized we had nothing more to fear, because anything that can be feared can also be tracked down and then shot with a tank.

TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES is a fresh, addictive mobile game for Android and iOS in development since November 2011, featuring:

  • Gameplay that's intuitive and easy to pick up, yet full of customizability and split-second tactical thinking
  • Bright, appealing art for the different stages, with clever interpretations of different fears
  • Heavy expandability through the capability to deliver more levels after launch
  • A charming sense of playfulness and possibility