The People who Make Great Games


CEO + Founder

John has an undergraduate background in psychology and media studies and an MBA in Digital Media Management from St. Edward's University. But, perhaps more importantly, he's been playing video games ever since he could hold a controller. Put it all together and you have a character with strong...


Creative Director

Peter envisions a universe where video games not only tell a story but evoke a sense of discovering another world. His passion underscores Minicore's commitment to making the games that players will remember forever and always.

Peter is the man behind dialogue, backstory bibles, and...


Marketing Director

Shelley grew up watching videos games more than playing them. The only game she could ever beat her older brother in was Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 (a fact of which she is immensely proud). Shelley is a graduate of the University of Texas Creative Program and has spent years in the advertising,...


Technical Director

Patrick has a lifelong passion for gaming in a wide variety of forms - from video games and board games to pen-and-paper RPGs and tabletop wargaming. Yes, he’s a nerd. But he is one extremely talented nerd. Case in point: He won the 2010 ScreenBurn at the SXSW Game Design Competition, a...


Art Director

Michelle draws on her lifelong love of fantasy illustration to produce her own art, a rich blend of detailed draftsmanship and vivid character design. A graduate of the University of Texas, Michelle creates each piece with one-of-a-kind content and tone, making our games a continual sequence of...


Lead Animator

Avery makes Minicore’s ideas live and breathe. She creates stunning traditional 2D animation and is equally adept working in vector and raster formats. A fan of animation in all genres and styles from the world over, she uses her instincts and skills to infuse a striking energy into the concepts...



The first question in Jeffrey's interview was "do you mind if we shout 'Flanagan!' and pretend you are a loose-cannon cop?" He did not mind - and, turns out, he is an incredibly talented artist, animator, and general creator - so we hired him.

Jeffrey grew up in Georgetown, TX and West...